Top 4 Silverlight Development Books for Aspiring Developers

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Open source development is the new big thing in the world of software development, and developers who have the ability to create rich applications using Silverlight applications can make a lot of money. This article explores four of the best books for aspiring Silverlight developers.

Paid software is passé, and there are a large number of free open source software and tools that can do everything that paid software and tools can do. Today, a large number of companies around the world are opting for open source development—it is way cheaper than development using over-the-counter software.

As a consequence of this, there is a great demand for developers who are comfortable with open source software; if you excel at programming with more than one open source software, you are of great value to software development companies. Silverlight is one of the most popular open source software currently, and you can gain an in-depth understanding of Silverlight development by dipping into the books listed below. The following are, arguably, the five best books for programmers who want to gain an understanding of Silverlight development on their own.

Microsoft Silverlight 4 Step by Step

If you are new to Silverlight development, this is the book you should buy/download. This book is a practical, step-by-step guide to learning development using Silverlight. It offers several tutorials and practical exercises to use Silverlight for Web and Windows Phone development. Reading this book will enable you to understand all the new features available in Silverlight 4, install tools you need for building a Silverlight application, develop applications for the Web, develop application for Windows Phone, and deploy the Silverlight applications you’ve created.

Foundation Expression Blend 4 with Silverlight

This book serves as an introduction to Silverlight development; it provides an in-depth understanding of how to create RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) using Silverlight, and then it moves on to discuss reusability, custom user controls, throughput, and sound and audio integration. The book introduces you to different aspects of Silverlight open source in detail; once you are ready, it shows you how you can combine your knowledge of all the parts and create a complete application. The book is very accessible to programmers, who have some acquaintance with .Net development, but it does not presuppose prior training, and even beginners can use this book to ace Silverlight development.

Silverlight 4 in Action

This is probably the best book for experienced programmers trying to gain a deeper understanding of Silverlight. Not only does it explain the essentials of Silverlight development, it is also very useful as a quick reference: when you want to find out anything regarding a particular aspect of development with Silverlight, this book will quickly take you where you want to go. This book gets full marks for possessing all the important information about the open source, and for arranging that information in a very accessible format.

Pro Business Application with Silverlight 4

This is a book for developers involved with developing and designing robust business applications for large businesses. The book follows a step-by-step approach and guides the reader right from the development process, and takes her safely to deployment stage of the process. Using this book you will be able to create an enterprise-level business application using Silverlight, structure your project to ensure robustness of the application, create user interfaces, maintain data, and implement standard business application guidelines. 


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Top 4 Silverlight Development Books for Aspiring Developers

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Top 4 Silverlight Development Books for Aspiring Developers

This article was published on 2011/11/14